About Us

This is our family! Our Labradors are taken care of like family. We all work together loving, feeding, training, cleaning and caring for our adult dogs  and puppies. We make sure that our puppies have good experiences as they encounter many "firsts" with us. The puppies will be easier to train by our adoption families if they do not have any instilled fears. It is a great way to start your adoption experience to invite a new puppy into your home already understanding key commands. We strive to make your adoption experience with Labs4Ever completely pleasurable, exciting, educational, and best of all, fulfilling, as you adopt a new family member into your home. Your standards are high, and ours are too! From the day you reserve your Labs4Ever puppy, and through his/her life, we are available to you, and we are looking out for your best interests as well as our puppy's. We genuinely hope that you find the puppy that is perfect for your family. So when it's the right time for your family, contact us and we would love to help you on this exciting  journey of adoption!

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The Bunn-Vasquez Family