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ENS Early Neurological Stimulation

We have started to implement the ENS technique into our program!  This has become an enjoyable, hands-on time to spend with our puppies and improve Neurological stimulation, health and socialization! 

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We are a Family of 6, and we all participate in caring for and raising our Labradors! Here's a little more about our Family...


Jodie is also a Photographer (Desert Rose Images) and enjoys capturing the beauty and personalities of the adult Labs and puppies!

Our Family and Friends are 4Ever Labrador fans! We take immense pride in the quality, beauty and family friendly Labradors we raise. Our Labradors are so strikingly beautiful, you'll make new friends wherever you go! All of our Labs are OFA Certified and the puppies are guaranteed. They have all been genetically tested to be clear / not infected of PRA, EIC and CNM, which are diseases commonly found in the Labrador breed. We breed specifically for the English Labrador, as we find them very attractive in confirmation, and have a tendency to a bit calmer temperament and disposition than the athletic American Labrador. Our dogs have the traditional English features with a strong thick bone, broad frame, square head, short snout, and otter tail. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website. Please feel free to call Jodie at (951) 741-3412 or email at info@Labs4Ever.com anytime.